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We use the latest tools and safety equipment. We take great care to ensure that the job is done to your complete satisfaction.

Just to clean the gutters  is usually not enough.

Having a professional cleaner besides the gutters also clean the roof prevents clogging of the downspouts. Falling leaves, branches, moss and dirt easily find their way to the gutter and clog the downspout. Clogging of the downspouts can cause damage to the roof.                         

MORE Pressure        Washing Pressure Washing  is our summer job. Hillsboro Gutter  Cleaning Our Gutter Cleaning is done In the fall and Winter Gutter Cleaning

Pressure Washing

Jim and his professional crew has helped many of their long time clients to keep porches, decks, door-steps, driveways, boats, siding and outside fireplaces in a perfect condition. Outside cleaning that require the removal of paint, sticky-dirt, moss, oil-stains and so many other types of dirt. High pressured water and cleaning agent is the best option to get it back to look fresh clean and in some cases even new. We use the newest equipment and commercial grade cleaners that are both environmentally friendly and safe for children, pets and landscaping.

-Jim Maintenance & Pressure Washing- is dedicated to provide pressure cleaning of the highest quality workmanship available; for the best and most reasonable price. We service both residential and commercial customers.  

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